Six on Saturday – The New Perennials (Part 2) – September 7, 2019

In the previous SoS post I shared six new perennials we added to our locale, Alpine Acres Flower Farm, which I want to develop as part of a three prong retirement strategy. You can read about that here if you missed it: Six on Saturday – The New Perennials (Part 1)

But there is also a collection of new perennials that originated from friends and family. i will share six of those today.

ONE – Blueberry Plant

Do you like blueberries? We do, well my wife likes them more than me, but we like them enough to try our own hand at it. We have a neighbor that has a berry farm with commercial grade plants, but still want to grow our own.

TWO – Milkweed

So I got this idea as as the summer wore on to track the number of Monarch butterflies I saw pass through our farm on their Southern migration. I have been tracking this on a daily basis with something called a HMBY count, which is short for How Many Monarch Butterflies in My Yard Yesterday. If you are interested you can find it following this link

THREE – Primrose

My wife has an app that has Primrose in her yard that usually is blooming at Easter.

FOUR – ?? Help

FIVE – Verbena

SIX -??? Help!

I am away for the weekend, so away fron my identification tags. If you recognize the plants chime in.

As I continue to map put the plan for our location, Alpine Acres Flower Farm, I continue to seek interesting plants to add to our collections.Give a look or join up with the Propogator

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