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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature

017.jpgLast year a friend and I posted flower pictures on Facebook every day for about 45 or so days. We began on May 1st just like we have this year, so I though I would just use that photograph here. My friend says she knows this as The Star of Bethlehem.

You can find the prompt for this week here: Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge : Nature


Unfulfilled Promises

If you ever have bought a flower or tried to start one from seed you know they are a fragile lot. Flaky, persnickety, obstinate or maybe just they like to mock us supposedly “superior” beings. Above you see the best of the process when I was operating my own greenhouse business called The Potter’s Dream. But unseen is the thousands, yes I typed that correctly, thousands of failed plants.

This post is under construction almost ten full seasons past my greenhouse time. My failed experiments are far fewer, but just as frustrating. As I was out taking my miniature Sheltie for a walk this week I thought about this post and collecting the photographs to support it. When you establish the theme or parameters it is amazing how quickly potential photos come to mind.


This is a geranium in distress. I am not knowledgeable enough to tell you exactly what the issue is. I just will try to fertilize and overcome the yellowing. If all else fails I will lift this sickly plant and replace it with another.


In my time as a greenhouse owner I sold thousands of wave petunias. They are so hardy and easy to grow it is a challenge to kill one, but this little guy defied the odds. Again this is one that will be lifted and replaced.


It is a little difficult to make out this photo, but you should see a full stand of lettuce. All I can figure is our lettuce seed is bad. This is the second year I have not been able to achieve sufficient germination of lettuce. We even tried it in the raised bed this time.


After a few years of unfulfilling experiences with tulips and daffodils bought at the big box stores we ordered some bulbs from an actual bulb seller through Amazon. Our daffodils came up early due to the warm winter and were gorgeous ahead of time. Our tulips came up on schedule and all bloomed beautifully except for the one picture which was broken when I accidentally stepped on it when trying to mulch around the bed.




These are the old tulips and daffodils that produce greenery only. It is disappointing after a long winter with no color to see this greenery emerge, but never achieve any kind of blooming. I have consulted with another experienced grower and have a plant o try to rectify the non-blooming habits.



These two photos should be flats full of tomato seedlings. I will tell you that in the days since I took the top phot I have seen about a dozen seedlings emerge. Being April 17 however, they are seriously delayed. I wanted them to be the size they are now at least a month ago!


This photo shows a failed cucumber seedling attempt. Actually about five days earlier this [pot was full of about two dozen nice looking seedlings. Then the weather changed and we decided to not take chances, but move the most tender of plants inside for three days. The cucumbers did not adapt well and now we have only three or four living seedlings. Thankfully it does not take long to germinate cucumbers, so I will try again soon.

That is my unfulfilled promise candidates for now. I am sure more will find their way to my lens soon!


It Is Easy Being Green – WPC -03/22/17



I couldn’t just choose one green thing. First of all you can see my “Katy” engine that I started with when I began my model train hobby. Each train line has their own distinctive  color scheme and Missouri-Kansas-Texas has green as its primary.

The second photo was taken in my greenhouse during my next to last growing season of the variety of plants we offered. TO have deep green plants meant you were doing the right thing.

Amaryllis for all! – Floral Friday Foto – 03/17/17

About two weeks ago I did a Floral Friday Foto post about the Orchids at the Biltmore Estate. While I was there I also found a few Amaryllis blooming so I snapped photos of them with the intent of sharing them in this post.






This is an Amaryllis that resides in my bay window in the room we converted into a den from a carport.


This is another Amaryllis that is just begging to bloom. It will likely take another few days to open, but I wanted to include it this time.


To see flower photos from around the world clock here to go to the Floral Friday Foto main site.

The Orchids of Biltmore – Floral Friday Foto – 03/10/17

This past weekend we made a trip with our daughter and her best friend roommate to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, USA. )n display were the most gorgeous orchids of which I have developed a fondness since we received one following my mother’s passing seven years ago.


Resilient Hostas

This is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge for 12-30-16 asking to show something Resilient.

During this year we had the opportunity to host a couple of big deal occasions at our home. My daughter and her friends were treated to a home cooked meal for their Prom dinner and less than once month later we had a graduation party for four high school seniors. As part of the preparation we re-did several flower beds. One of the flowers we dug up to divide and re-plant was some hostas.

Not long after this we had a late season hard frost. If you have ever had hostas you know while the frost or freeze won’t kill the plant it will significantly stunt it which was not good for our party plans less than two weeks after. So we dug out a bunch of sheets and covered up the tender new growth.



By doing this we had the flowers we desired when party time arrived.


Daily Prompt: Missing

via Daily Prompt: Missing

It is only 12 days until the start of winter where I live within the mountains of Virginia. But I am already missing the blooms I love to see all year long.



rue, but due to the nature of the trip, flying 1,300 miles to Be 006

It will be a long time until I get to enjoy the outside blooms again, but soon I will have orchids blooming so I can enjoy them until the snow has passed.