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Ooh, Shiny! – Weekly Photo Challenge – 8/16/17

ooh shiny034.jpg

At our home flowers reign supreme this time of year. My family, starting with my grandfather has been growing dahlias for three generations now. I do not claim to be the family expert, but we do enjoy some glorious arrangements.

WPC- Ooh, Shiny – 8/16/17


Bridge – WPC – 07/05/17

This week the photo challenge subject is Bridge.

This is a bridge over a city street in Washington, DC connecting the north and south buildings of the Department of Agriculture.

This part of the maze of bridges connecting Virginia and Washington DC.

Weekly Photo Challenge 07-05-17

Danger – Weekly Photo Challenge – 05/03/17

Danger Will Robinson, Danger! Anyone alive in the sixties will remember this phrase from the television show Lost in Space. A robot tries to do its best baby-sitter impression to keep a young boy safe in the wiles of space. This week the folks at TDP ask us to share our photos which mean or relate to danger.

These photos are from a hiking trip to something called McRae’s Peak, which is part of the Grandfather Mountain park in Blowing Rock North Carolina. The ladders allow you to scale some sheer rock faces and reach the gorgeous scenery that follows.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: MACRO

Is there anyone who follows me around here that doesn’t know I love taking pictures yet? Before digital cameras came along I took far less photographs due to the results of the limited technology to that time. I had never had a camera without a fixed lens, meaning I did not have the ability to self-focus. So, many of my photographs were blurry or half-shots and the frustration caused me to avoid taking some shots I easily snatch now.

Another upgrade is the fine lens attached to smart phones these days. The last two times I visited Belize on mission trips I took several more photos because my phone was constantly at the ready. Any time I take my miniature Sheltie out for a walk there is the potential for a good photo opportunity.


As Allan said with his post I am unsure if this is Macro or just a close up, but I liked it and thought it could serve the purpose of a macro shot.

It Is Easy Being Green – WPC -03/22/17



I couldn’t just choose one green thing. First of all you can see my “Katy” engine that I started with when I began my model train hobby. Each train line has their own distinctive  color scheme and Missouri-Kansas-Texas has green as its primary.

The second photo was taken in my greenhouse during my next to last growing season of the variety of plants we offered. TO have deep green plants meant you were doing the right thing.

Atop – WPC – 03/15/17

The Weekly Photo Challenge asks us to post about the concept of Atop this week.

032The first picture is on top of McCrae’s Peak, part of the Grandfather Mountain peaks in Blowing Rock North Carolina.



The next two photos come from the Mayan ruins called Xunantonich in Belize. The first looking up at the top of the main piece, the second looking down from the summit.