Six on Saturday – The New Perennials (Part 1) – August 31, 2019

One of my favorite places to shop for new varieties of flowers is the “stress rack” at our local Lowes. Many times the plants are merely dry or past their current bloom cycle, so less appealing to the general instant gratification public. With a few exceptions I come out with a fine looking plant. I also learned this year that even the reduced price plants still qualify for the 1 year replacement guarantee if you keep the receipt and identification tag to return with your expired plant.

ONE – Foxlight Plum Gold Foxglove

TWO – Sentimental Blue Balloon Flower

THREE – Sunny Border Blue Speedwell

FOUR – EnduraScape Purple Verbena

FIVE – Camelot Mix Foxglove

SIX – Coreopsis

As I continue to map put the plan for our location, Alpine Acres Flower Farm, i continue to seek interesting plants to add to our collections.Give a look or join up with the Propogator.


  1. lovely Foxglove….I am discouraged from planting where I live as they can take over and get into the fields if not closely watched….my farmer gets tetchy about that! Cath@Home

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