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Floral Friday Foto – March 31, 2017

022.jpgWeekly partakers of this blog hop share photos of flowers and the like through the Floral Friday Foto. I stepped to the side of the wide path with one of my photos of a new raised bed we built this week.

So that I won’t be asked to leave this welcoming place, I do have one of my now blooming Amaryllis.





Floral Friday Foto – March 24,2017

022.jpgWeekly partakers of this blog hop share photos of flowers and the like through the Floral Friday Foto. I stepped to the side of the wide path with one of my photos of a new raised bed we built this week.

So that I won’t be asked to leave this welcoming place, I do have one of my now blooming Amaryllis.




Amaryllis for all! – Floral Friday Foto – 03/17/17

About two weeks ago I did a Floral Friday Foto post about the Orchids at the Biltmore Estate. While I was there I also found a few Amaryllis blooming so I snapped photos of them with the intent of sharing them in this post.






This is an Amaryllis that resides in my bay window in the room we converted into a den from a carport.


This is another Amaryllis that is just begging to bloom. It will likely take another few days to open, but I wanted to include it this time.


To see flower photos from around the world clock here to go to the Floral Friday Foto main site.

The Orchid Whisperers

For years I admired orchids but had never gone so far as to purchase one for our home. Then a little more than six years ago my mother died and one of the flowers we received was an orchid that we still enjoy today. I have had several people tell us that they love the plant, but cannot keep them alive or get them to bloom. My wife and I have developed a skill I suppose with all of our growing experience and now some people are calling us Orchid Whisperers.

I won’t claim to speak Orchid or that by any means we are experts, but over time you begin to understand what it takes to make a flower thrive. Our showcase for these exquisite beauties is a window in my wife’s hair salon. It is on a east facing side of our home and gets very little direct light. Another person shared they were only able to enjoy blooms for a month at most. We have had blooms last three months or more.


In all I think we have about eight plants in varying stages of growth. This usually means at least three or four in a good bloom cycle, which means we get to enjoy some downstairs in the salon and one or two upstairs in our living area. To me colorful blooms are like medicine lifting my mood and putting me in my happy place.

The final two are pictured in our rehab area upstairs, a south facing bay window that holds a variety of flowers including Amaryllis, African Violets and whatever orchids have finished their bloom cycle. Usually within a short period there is a new emergence of growth on an orchid placed here and following that new buds appear.

Tell me about your orchid experiences in the comments.

Floral Friday Fotos – January 29, 2015

It has been a spell since I chimed in on the Floral Friday Fotos. I blame the holidays and drab winter weather where I live, in the mountains of Virginia.



We awoke to an astounding 9 inches of white stuff on Thursday morning. Even though I live within the Appalachian Mountain range in the Southwestern end of the state of Virginia this amount of snow all at once is uncommon. I just pray it fills the ground with the moisture to create beautiful flowers all season.

Luckily we indulge in the art of indoor plants. In my wife’s hair salon downstairs there is three orchids in various states of bloom. While upstairs where I work i get to enjoy this.

As you can see in the second photo this Amaryllis is 30 days past Christmas and getting ready to unfold into a six bloom display. If you are interested in seeing an updated photo when all six open please comment as such and I will add it when possible.


2015 A to Z My Favorite Plants – A – Amaryllis

My experience with Amaryllis has been brief, basically just over the last two years. Like everyone else, I always used to see them in the stores when the end of year holiday sales began. I have tried a few over the years with varying degrees of success. But none that I bought ever seemed to live after the initial bloom cycle.

My experience changed however when I noticed an Amaryllis that belonged to my aunt. It was one that had been given to her by her mother. I am unsure how long she had it before my aunt got it, but I know it was a considerable amount of time due to the size. I expressed an interest and soon after my aunt brought me part of hers to grow on my own.

It took about four months to get a bloom and it was a different color than any I had seen before.

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I was visiting a local greenhouse late last week and saw some of their Amarayllis. The ones they sell have only a large bulb and the bloom stems. The ones they sell are the bright red I usually see for sale around the holidays. That is one reason the particular color I have is so interesting to me.

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2015 A to Z Theme Reveal – My Favorite Plants

Welcome to my 2015 A to Z Theme Reveal for Chasing the Blooms. In 2013 I took part in my initial A to Z challenge and did not put as much thought into how I wanted to approach the challenge. in truth I did not find out about it un til days before, so there wasn’t time to do much other than my 26 posts. I missed last years turn but wanted to give 2015 a really solid try. This year I have redesigned my blogging efforts and have 4 blogs entered into the A to Z.

For this particular one my focus is on the flowers I have around my property or ones I want to add. My challenge will be finding ones that will equate with some of the odd letters. I may have to get really creative to do this.

Some of the flowers I will share will be repeats of posts I have done previously during the year. Some will also come from the Floral Friday Fotos weekly link-up, where I get the opportunity to enjoy favorite flowers from around the world. I find it interesting to see that some of my favorites are also favorites in other parts of the world.

I hope this will make for an exciting and colorful journey as we count the days in April. I appreciate your visit to my theme reveal and invite you to not only return for the 2015 A to Z challenge, but to check out my other theme reveals as well.

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