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Yard – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – 04/29/17

The Stream of Consciousness Saturday post is supposed to just be us letting our thoughts flow so here it is, the babblings of a busy mind:

We just came out of a weekend with so much rain. Five plus inches worth my neighbor informed me a couple of days ago as he relies on his trusty rain gauge. Enough to put a halt to my deck re-build. Enough to postpone a mighty NASCAR race about a half hour from where I live. Also, enough to cause us to have to double up on moving for fear of having to rake a lot of tall grass. I have a lawn sweeper, but right now it is only resting comfortable in the dry awaiting some spare moments of me to set it straight. The way my To Do list is piling up I may get to it in 2019!

Happy Saturday all and I will be back to see your #SOCS!

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Apr. 29/17



Skywatch Friday – 04/28/17 – Joe O., VA, USA



Yes, it is another sunrise  photo with plenty of yellow tones.

If you go to the Skywatch site you can see sky-themed photos from all over.


Skywatch Friday – 04/21/17 – Joe O., VA, USA


Apologies for the shadowy images in the margins, I made this photo from the cab of my truck as I approached my home and did not notice the “extras” until just now. I hope soon to get out to another location to snap some Friday photos because I know my scope is so narrow.

I will be at the Bristol Motor Speedway Sunday for the spring NASCAR Race, so maybe I can catch something unusual there.

If you go to the Skywatch site you can see sky-themed photos from all over.


Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge – Black & White – 04/17/17

B-W.JPG For Sally D’s Photography Challenge I chose a photo I took a couple of days ago. I don’t know a whole lot of photography editing software, so I made it black and white using the Word editing tools.

Unfulfilled Promises

If you ever have bought a flower or tried to start one from seed you know they are a fragile lot. Flaky, persnickety, obstinate or maybe just they like to mock us supposedly “superior” beings. Above you see the best of the process when I was operating my own greenhouse business called The Potter’s Dream. But unseen is the thousands, yes I typed that correctly, thousands of failed plants.

This post is under construction almost ten full seasons past my greenhouse time. My failed experiments are far fewer, but just as frustrating. As I was out taking my miniature Sheltie for a walk this week I thought about this post and collecting the photographs to support it. When you establish the theme or parameters it is amazing how quickly potential photos come to mind.


This is a geranium in distress. I am not knowledgeable enough to tell you exactly what the issue is. I just will try to fertilize and overcome the yellowing. If all else fails I will lift this sickly plant and replace it with another.


In my time as a greenhouse owner I sold thousands of wave petunias. They are so hardy and easy to grow it is a challenge to kill one, but this little guy defied the odds. Again this is one that will be lifted and replaced.


It is a little difficult to make out this photo, but you should see a full stand of lettuce. All I can figure is our lettuce seed is bad. This is the second year I have not been able to achieve sufficient germination of lettuce. We even tried it in the raised bed this time.


After a few years of unfulfilling experiences with tulips and daffodils bought at the big box stores we ordered some bulbs from an actual bulb seller through Amazon. Our daffodils came up early due to the warm winter and were gorgeous ahead of time. Our tulips came up on schedule and all bloomed beautifully except for the one picture which was broken when I accidentally stepped on it when trying to mulch around the bed.




These are the old tulips and daffodils that produce greenery only. It is disappointing after a long winter with no color to see this greenery emerge, but never achieve any kind of blooming. I have consulted with another experienced grower and have a plant o try to rectify the non-blooming habits.



These two photos should be flats full of tomato seedlings. I will tell you that in the days since I took the top phot I have seen about a dozen seedlings emerge. Being April 17 however, they are seriously delayed. I wanted them to be the size they are now at least a month ago!


This photo shows a failed cucumber seedling attempt. Actually about five days earlier this [pot was full of about two dozen nice looking seedlings. Then the weather changed and we decided to not take chances, but move the most tender of plants inside for three days. The cucumbers did not adapt well and now we have only three or four living seedlings. Thankfully it does not take long to germinate cucumbers, so I will try again soon.

That is my unfulfilled promise candidates for now. I am sure more will find their way to my lens soon!


Skywatch Friday – 04/14/17 – Joe O., VA, USA



This is a photo of a cloud shelf moving toward us from the south. We have had unbelievable weather so far in 2017, with very few days of “winter” weather and now our spring has jumped ahead to May-like temperatures.

As far as the tax return I expect some portion to be swallowed by our car insurance. It is basically just “trading money” as I say either from the tax return of the savings, so either way we have coverage for another six months. Have a great weekend everyone.

If you go to the Skywatch site you can see sky-themed photos from all over.