Six on Saturday – Help Pick the Sunflowers – October 05, 2019

I need your help. As part of my plan to establish Alpine Acres Flower Farm as a legitimate business I want to add some products to sell when I go to festivals in the coming years. Specifically there is a Sunflower Festival within an hour of my place that I want to go to next year because through research I understand it was a true Sunflower Festival 25 years ago when it started because there was actually Sunflower Growers locally but now they are gone.

I think this presents a unique opportunity to me to fill a void as Sunflower themed merchandise is very popular right now and not just in season. So you ask, how can I help? During the growing season I made tons of photographs of my sunflowers, mainly because I just enjoy them that much. But I value the opinions of others in selecting those I might make prints from to sell or even a set of twelve to make a calendar. So for the next few weeks my Six on Saturday will focus on six Sunflower photos and I would like you to vote on your favorite photos. After I have featured them all I will tally the votes to get an idea of how popular each is.










20180804_184520 (1).jpg


20180804_184544 (1).jpg

Give a look or join up with the Propogator for his weekly Six on Saturday posts.


  1. These are all so nice, no wonder you wanted feedback. Any of them could be perfect for giving the right tone to a card, from sombre to happy. I prefer the ones where the bloom takes up most of the photo rather than the whole plant. #Six would be my fav of all these.

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