So what is Chasing the Blooms about? Why did I carve this blog out of the ether of the internet? Well, simply said, I love to take photos of blooming plants. You see i used to own a greenhouse. It was called Potter’s Dream Greenhouse, with the thought that if you were a plant grower or potter, you would come to find your dream plant there.

I enjoyed my short stint in this business. It was a hard, hard job. There were some very stressful periods when the weather did not cooperate or I woke up to a greenhouse on fire, but for the most part I loved having my pick of flowers and vegetables for our yard and garden.

Ultimately the economics of competing against the Wal Mart and Lowes model just made no sense. Did you know they only pay their growers IF they sell the products? If the products die prior then they consider that shrinkage. Anyway, a little guy cannot sell for the price of the big boxes, so I had to toss in the trowel. (Get it?)

On this blog I will share my ever burgeoning collection of pictures of blooms.

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