Six on Saturday – New Dahlia Varieties for 2020 – March 28, 2020

Today I want to focus totally on the positive as this weeks has been chock full of nothing but negative news and horrifying images from around our world. Finally in North America we are leaning into Spring with an 80 degree day on tap for today. For the last three days we havebeen refilling and crafting new raised beds, one for the intention of a new strawberry garden.

But for my budding flower farm business the stars are the sunflowers and dahlias. After the great success in our intial try we want to contoinue to expand the options for dahlias and other cut flowers to seel in our bouquets and use when supplying fresh cut flowers for events. So my wife nd I have been collecting dahlias from our local stores. Today I will share six of these new varieties.


Red dahlias can be so stunning and we were without one until now. My family has a tradition of growing these beauties and my uncle who has been gone from this worls has a gorgeous one his wife still cares for I would love to get a bulb from, but I wouldn’t dare take the chance on harming something so dear to them.


It will be interesting to see if this dahlia can match the photograph. I know it is definitely a skill to capture a photo and get all the different shade to show up like this.


We favor the dinner plate dahlias and this red shows promise to be quite spectacular.


This will be our second yellow and it will have to put on quite a show to eclipse it’s counterpart.


This is the first pure white we have grown. We have a smaller one but it turns more of a butter shade of yellow as it matures.


Hoepfully we will enjoy the range of color witht his one, even the yellow tips.

Give a look or join up with the Propogator for his weekly Six on Saturday posts.

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