In a Vase on Monday: Sunflower Bouquet – October 14, 2019

After about 75 days or so of loving and making several hundred, maybe a thousand photos of my sunflower crop it is all but gone as I write this post. I am busy gathering the spent heads so that I have the seeds to grow my crop size next year. While collecting heads I found a few stragglers and combined them for one last Sunflower bouquet.

For Cathy’s In A Vase on Monday.


  1. When you say ‘crop’, Joe, are you growing them for a particular purpose and what sort of area are we talking about? I love to see sunflowers, especially darker shades, and your sunflower ‘tower’ is lovely

  2. Your sunflowers are glorious! And that’s a big crop. For some reason, the paltry few I got this year were mostly mutants without the sunflower’s characteristic flat central disk.

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