Six on Saturday – Help Pick the Sunflowers – October 12, 2019

I need your help. As part of my plan to establish Alpine Acres Flower Farm as a legitimate business I want to add some products to sell when I go to festivals in the coming years. Specifically there is a Sunflower Festival within an hour of my place that I want to go to next year because through research I understand it was a true Sunflower Festival 25 years ago when it started because there was actually Sunflower Growers locally but now they are gone.

I think this presents a unique opportunity to me to fill a void as Sunflower themed merchandise is very popular right now and not just in season. So you ask, how can I help? During the growing season I made tons of photographs of my sunflowers, mainly because I just enjoy them that much. But I value the opinions of others in selecting those I might make prints from to sell or even a set of twelve to make a calendar. So for the next few weeks my Six on Saturday will focus on six Sunflower photos and I would like you to vote on your favorite photos. After I have featured them all I will tally the votes to get an idea of how popular each is.







Give a look or join up with the Propogator for his weekly Six on Saturday posts.


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