In a Vase on Monday: Dahlias,Butterfly Bush & Hydrangea – October 07, 2019

I had an appointment a couple of Monday ago with a new doctor and I wanted to make a good impression by taking this flower arrangement as I visited, but alas the best laid plans went sideways and I would up leaving it behind. Instead I brought it with me to our office yesterday, which would up being better as we had outside visitors today.

Our Dahlias are just putting on a fantastic show these days. in the face of hot, dry conditions (no rain in nearly three weeks) they continue to bloom spectacularly. In contrast my uncle, who is the family champ at growing dahlias reports his have all dried up.

The Butterfly Bush has such a rich odor and it comes along with the bouquet.

There is a couple of choices when I clip the hydrangea to add to the bouquet, but I find myself more often going for the more mature stems.

As the weather cools the Sedum continues to turn a darker color which gives the bouquet even more depth.

For Cathy’s In A Vase on Monday 10/07/19


  1. That dahlia looks like Thomas Edison – now that I grow it myself I know how distinctive it is, and HUGE! It certainly makes for a rich bouquet with the sedum and hydrangea. Oh, and did you impress the doctor even without it…?!

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