Fan of . . .Mandevilla – October 07, 2019

This is an entry for Jez Braithwaite’s Fan Of . . . series. Everyone has something you are a fan of, so why don’t you hop over to Jez’ site, figure out how to play along and show us yours?

Everyone loves plants from the tropics and we are no exception. The Mandevillas we grow usually don;t make a second season, but we have plans to overwinter our current specimen in a different way to ensure its survival.


This is our
This is a Mandevilla plant I saw as I was enjoying Yard Sales on Saturday. This beauty is eight years old.


    1. thanks they really like the heat of course being tropical but this prolonged raspail we’ve had has limited the number of blooms. We try to water it but you just in a pot can’t get enough water in it like it was in the ground. Because underground they can tap deeper Roots will grow deeper when it’s dry and try to find groundwater.

    2. Text Jaz we really like them. Of course they have enjoyed the continued 90° weather we’ve had but the lack of rain is kept the blooms from being as prolific as we like.

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