Six on Saturday – The New Perennials (Part 3) – September 28, 2019

In two previous SoS posts I shared a dozen new perennials we added to our locale, Alpine Acres Flower Farm, which I want to develop as part of a three prong retirement strategy. You can read about them here if you missed it: Six on Saturday – The New Perennials (Part 1) and The New Perennials (Part 2).

These new plants came when I chose to buy a full price combination with different color Coneflowers and raided the “stress rack” where I found the other varieties at the “It’s a Steal Price” of $1!

ONE – Coneflower

I have to admit I hesitated for a moment when I looked at this Coneflower combination. $24.98 is not a horrible price, but when your habit is to raid the stress rack regularly it seems so foreign. The best surprise was when I got it home and discovered their is five different coneflowers in the pot. If there had been an abundance of these I would have gambled that it would end up on the stress rack due to lack of sufficient water, but by getting it now I can plant it and let it get accustomed to the ground while it is still warm.

TWO – Pink Balloon Flower

I got a blue one of these earlier this season, actually a pair, but I really liked this pink one, especially for 1 George Washington!

THREE – Purple Verbena

We have enjoyed several verbenas, although annual varieties in our hanging baskets and window boxes, so we are familiar with the characteristics. I bought another color earlier this spring and featured it in one of the other two Six on Saturday posts.

FOUR – Salvia

We will be heavy on purple with this one, but it was another $1 bargain, who would pass that up?

FIVE – Aster

Normally I am not a fan of Asters, but this compact variety caught my eye and then surprisingly was another $1 find!

SIX – Golden Jubilee Humminbird Plant

We had a young hummingbird who frequented our butterfly bushes earlier in the season so this should help attract more.

As I continue to map put the plan for our location, Alpine Acres Flower Farm, I continue to seek interesting plants to add to our collections. If you have suggestions please share them.

Give a look or join up with the Propogator for his weekly Six on Saturday posts.

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