End of Month View – Summer Fading – September 2, 2019

I joined up with EOMV a long time ago, but it seemed to slip out of favor so I kind of dropped away. This year it seems my garden is sprawling as much as ever, so I thought I might drop back in.

With four butterfly bushes we have been able to enjoy a legion of butterflies of all shapes, color and sizes. I saw this Tiger Swallowtail for the first time and quickly whipped out my cell phone to record the experience.

I have previously documented my affection for buying “stressed” plants at our local Lowes so I can try different varieties. Even on their reduced price rack the perennials still carry a 1 year guarantee. Actually I love a rehabilitation project and enjoy nursing plants back to full health.

In previous posts i documented my family’s three generation love affair with growing Dahlias. I found two bags of variety packs of Dahlias marked way down this spring and am enjoying these greatly right now. We have our county fair starting September 9th and I really want to enter some Dahlias in the flower competition.

This bed is home to many of the new perennials I shared earlier in the post along with Hydrangea, Sedum, Clematis and Summer Phlox.

This bed is home to a bevvy of beauties that help support the season long color show. Starting with Daffodils and tulips in the spring accompanied by Iris’. Then comes the cone flowers, lupine, and twin tri-color butterfly bushes the bed can look pretty spectacular. Around July however, the heavy hitters step to the plate, as in dinner plate Dahlias. Even though it is current;y between blooms I want to share the star of this bed, a yellow Dahlia.


In our front bed we have a new sextet of Gerber Daisies that seem to love their new environment. One pink plant in the left foreground has put up at least a dozen blooms simultaneously.

But without question the crop that gets me jazzed up the most is the 400 foot by five foot wide strip of Sunflowers and Zinnias on our northern property line.




Yesterday I began the task of collecting spent Sunflower heads so I can do this again next year. I had estimated the crop would only last a couple of more weeks with so many blooms, but as I walked the strip yesterday I feel it may stretch into October barring a surprise frost. That’s the EOMV I enjoy right now.

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