In a Vase on Monday: – September 16, 2019

Last week we hosted a missionary couple from the Central American country of Belize, the same couple that hosted me for five days in mid-August as I completed a mission trip to assist in packing 100 backpacks for kids sponsored in their non-profit organizations back to school efforts. On Tuesday we had a kind of reunion dinner with folks that have made similar trips to mine to a place called Heart House, where kids can come to play, read and learn about Jesus Christ. Since our flowers are blooming their hearts out I cut multiple stems to make bouquets to decorate the tables.

I also cut about a dozen Sunflowers to pass out, but the two large bouquets wound up going home with two of the ladies from our mission teams. I told one of them I had about five times more blooms on the plants at home and I would not miss them.

All of the flowers in this vase came from Alpine Acres Flower Farm, our homestead in Virginia.

For Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday.


    1. What was wrong Cathy? Yes, I fed them with Miracle Gro bloom booster and now they are shooting so many blooms I cannot cut enough bouquets. I made 10 large ones just this week. My uncle who is the Dahlia king of our family said his all dried up.

      1. It linked to my own blog somehow – too many ‘wordpress’es in the address, I think. There will have been 10 happy recipients of your dahlia excesses, I guess!

  1. The aged Hydrangea bloom and Sedum flower wonderfully link the warmer hues of the orange dahlia blooms with the cooler tones of the pink and purple ones. Nice work!

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