How Many Monarchs Did I See Yesterday? – September 12, 2019





The color-coded system:



Okay, so here is the beginning of the good stuff. Below in the chart you will see the graphical trend of how many Monarch butterflies are visiting our flower fields.


Today’s Monarch Fact of the Day

The Concord Monitor from Concord, New Hampshire talks about a “bumper year” for Monarch Butterflies in New Hampshire. ‘Bumper year’ for monarch butterflies in New Hampshire, but will it last?

Do You Know a Daily Monarch Fact

Because I enjoy learning new information all the time I will include a daily fact every time I make an update. If you have any facts you want to contribute please do.

The Monarch Photo of the Day

Again, if you are a Monarch Watcher and would like to join in this fun endeavor please do and link to the daily posts.

CTB 500


    1. I actually feel a sort of exhiliration when I actually see a Monarch butterfly. I hope this will inform me as to the actual time period they make their migration through my region. From the data I suspect it may have actually been in August. The first day I recorded numbers I saw 9. Besides all that doing this keeps me out of mischief!

      1. Yes indeed. The devil does find use for idle hands. LOL How do you make sure you don’t count the same monarch twice? I think I’ve gotten fairly adept at telling one from the other. Some may have tattered wings, or be very large, etc. But I’m sure there are times when I photograph the same butterfly multiple times while thinking I’ve captured different ones.

      2. I try to spread out my observations enough that I don;t count the same twice. When i see two at once of course I know I have seen two distinct specimens. I read an article recently about a look alike and meant to include it in the fact of the day, but I lost track of where I saw it.

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