In a Vase on Monday: – September 09, 2019

This vase was one I cut Friday afternoon just before we took off for a weekend getaway. My good friend Martha took one of our arrangements to her church last week and said everyone was dazzled by our Dahlias, so i told her i would fix another since they are pushing so many blooms right now. They are doing this in spite of a severe lack of rain lately.


The best I can determine from the photo on the back of the packaging the new Dahlias we planted describe this Dahlia is named Lavender Perfection. It is quite a large and full dinner plate type.

I never really had much affection fro the Sedum in our yard as a bouquet component until our son;s wedding last summer when my wife used these to add dimension and color.

The same goes for this Pee Dee hydrangea that holds the title of longest reigning plant in our stable at about seventeen seasons.

This stem from our Tri-Color Butterfly bush has such a sweet and strong fragrance and the two I put in this arrangement are sure to fill any space with happiness.

As I said before, the photos on the packaging for the Dahlias really don’t do justice to reality, but I believe this variety is Babylon Purple.

All of the flowers in this vase came from Alpine Acres Flower Farm, our homestead in Virginia.

For Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday.


    1. I was proud of it, the Dahlias are really perking now. We are so dry that they are beginning to show stress and I put some fertilizer on them with heavy water today to try to keep them blooming.

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