How Many Monarchs Did I See Yesterday? – August 31, 2019



ZERO (But a trend!)

One thing not so fun about scientific discovery is that you determine nature doesn’t care about schedules or your preconceived notions. The monarchs visiting my homestead come and go as they please and if i am fortunate enough to cross their paths I consider myself lucky. By next year I will be better prepared to greet them with an arsenal of appropriate flowers. Don’t read this as me giving up, but rather being realistic about my pursuit.

The color-coded system:



Okay, so here is the beginning of the good stuff. Below in the chart you will see the graphical trend of how many Monarch butterflies are visiting our flower fields.



Today’s Monarch Fact of the Day

In this online article the question of how hurricanes affect the migration north of Monarch butterflies is discussed. I thought since Hurricane Dorian has powered through to Category 4 status you might be interested. How Do Hurricanes Affect Monarchs?

Do You Know a Daily Monarch Fact

Because I enjoy learning new information all the time I will include a daily fact every time I make an update. If you have any facts you want to contribute please do.

The Monarch Photo of the Day

This photo is from a new blogging friend I made recently who hails from near Baltimore, Maryland, Russell Smith.



Again, if you are a Monarch Watcher and would like to join in this fun endeavor please do and link to the daily posts.


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