In a Vase on Monday: Mixed Vase – August 26, 2019

This is a mixed vase I took to my chiropractor’s office last week. Keep reading to hear a funny prank that came out of the experience.

This is a single dahlia that is a great filler.

One of our new decorative dahlias, which has grown to almost 6 foot in height!

From our Pee Gee Hydrangea, the elder statesman of our flower collection at 16 years.

One of the Class of 2019, a new dahlia to us.


I think this yellow is my favorite of any we have

But I have to say this one is fabulous as well!

So now for the story. At the chiropractor office there is three ladies I enjoy interacting with. One of the three is a transplant from Texas and a flower lover. Due to a conflict in scheduling I had to change my appointment by a day. I told my friend from Texas I was going to bring a surprise so she said even though it was her day off she would drip by to see the surprise.

I come from a long line of mischievous pranksters, so i hatched a plan to get the staff to send her a text that the bouquet was up for bids and whoever bid the most as a donation to the non-profit foundation I support  would take the bouquet home. She bought the ruse and everyone had a good laugh by the time it was done.

For Cathy’s In A Vase on Monday.

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