In a Vase on Monday: Mixed Vase – August 19, 2019

Another Mixed Vase for church.

last summer we had two weddings, so I learned I could offer a concentrated plan of Miracle Gro Bloom Booster to push the blooms along and have an abundance when needed. The thing is the flowers don;t care when you event passes, they just continue to do their beautiful thing. So Many times we have more blooms than we know what to do with. So what you get is a full vase.

For Cathy’s In A Vase on Monday.


  1. Miracle Grow Bloom Booster sounds intriguing – would you just use it on annuals? Glad to know you are reaping the benefits – dahlias and zinnias are stars here too (even without Miracle Grow Bloom Booster!)

    1. The main reason I even did the bloom booster was on things that we intended to use for my son’s wedding last summer. As it happened we wound up supplying dahlias And other flowers for a second wedding and an event for a friend. During my mission trip I was pondering on what I would do in retirement and I’m warming to the idea of creating a flower farm to provide flowers for events. We use the bloom booster on everything just to make sure we have plenty of balloons at the time of the weddings.

      1. My wife has a hair salon and one of her customers owns an event venue called Middlefork Barn in Meadowview, Va. You can check out their website.I would try to get referrals when someone booked a wedding. I also got my FAA drone license in February so hoping to develop that as well.

      2. Thank you Angie. I have a Fan Of . . . post from last week I believe that documents my family’s three generation love affair with Dahlias.

      3. Sorry I sent that too soon I wasn’t done with my thought. Of the three generations only my dad’s oldest brother and I remain. And at least today my uncle, a retired biology professor, is still the gold standard for dahlias.

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