Six on Saturday – Sunflowers – August 10, 2019

I stayed on the sidelines last week during the Six on Saturday party mostly because I was in a funk that made me want to do nothing in particular. It happens occasionally, but it was also a chance to take a breath. Here we are at mid-summer in the northern hemisphere of North America and blooming season is at full-tilt.

Three summers past I came across an inspirational adventure with some friends on their multi-acre farm that hatched an idea that keeps me busy for many weeks at a time.

This is a mass planting of sunflowers on a gigantic scale! I was overwhelmed with the scope of this undertaking and inspired to mimic it in some way. My method is a 400 foot strip of Sunflowers, Zinnias and other annuals that front the new plank fence on our Northern side property line. In order to guarantee as much variety of bloom types as possible I gather seeds each year at the end of the season. What follows is six of the different blooms I have been able to enjoy thus far this year.


I believe this is a Mexican (Yellow) Sunflower






Yes, this is a small one, created by sewing the seeds so heavy they grow smaller.


Something about this one makes me feel like the swirling petals resemble hair!



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  1. Wow! Your fence line of sunflowers are just spectacular! I love the varieties you have and I really like the #5! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that variety but it is so pretty! Great job on these and thank you so much for sharing!

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