Six on Saturday – The Critters – July 27, 2019

One of the joys of all the flowers we love to watch is seeing the various birds and insects (helpful ones, mind you) that come to visit as the blooms mature. For today’s Six I have photos of the visitors to our flower ponderosa. Thanks for welcoming me to this circle last week and if I did not drop by before I will try to remedy that this time around.

One. This little butterfly had found a moment of feeding on this Sulphur Cosmos.


Two. It is funny how bees don’t really care if you are there when they find their favorite flower like this bumblebee enjoying the cone flower.


Three. Butterflies, there is just something magical about them in our flower garden. This one loved the lilac in bloom.


Four. More bees, this time loving the matured sunflower head.


Five. During a visit with a neighbor I learned she had what is called a “Monarch Butterfly Migration Way Station” ( apparently this is a significant thing as she said she had registered it), which is a place for them to fuel up for their 3,000 mile journey south for the winter. I hope to benefit from her efforts as some of these magnificent specimens catch the scents from our collection too.

Six. I know the photo is fuzzy, but you try to capture a young hummingbird in crisp focus and you will understand my trials.

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