In a Vase on Monday: Dinnerplates with Friends – July 22, 2019

I have watched others join and enjoy In a Vase on Monday and finally today I am organized enough to jump in. We have an anniversary party in about twelve days and are trying to drive a lot of blooms out in the interval, so cutting some of these beauties actually helps in that regard.

It seems there is more flowers than vase, but it is there just peeking out below the yellow dahlia.

For Cathy’s In A Vase on Monday.


  1. Looking good Joe – you can’t beat a dahlia for impact! Hope you have the perfect blooms for your dinner party too – perhaps you will share them with us as well, even without any dinner?

    1. Yes Cathy, I will. We arranged all the flowers for our sons wedding last zAugust, so have a touch of experience. We are experiencing some very helpful soaking rain over the next 30 hours as well.

      1. Oh well done for that – I did bouqets and buttonholes for one daughter, which mostly went well and I enjoyed the challenge. Sadly no rain at home for us… 🙄

  2. You can’t beat dahlias for summer vases! I know they’ve changed my entire outlook on summer, which I used to dread for the dearth of flowers. Welcome to IAVOM, Joe.

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