Six on Saturday – July 20, 2019

Blogging about the flowers in my garden as well as the far reaches of my travels is something I enjoy so much. I have captured photos in many stated and a couple of foreign countries, but mostly just in the regular circles I travel. But sharing them puts another joy in my heart, so this new opportunity makes for some excitement.

One. Black Eyed Susan. This particular plant I noticed on my travels from work one day. After passing it for a couple of weeks I finally doubled back to snap this shot. You never know if the owner will share in your love of capturing such, but luckily I got the photo without incident.

Two. Dahlia. My family has a long tradition with these beauties, going back three generations that I know of personally. We enjoy using these in bouquets for church and also used them during two weddings last summer.


Three. Sunflower Field. While my sunflower crop is still meandering toward its bloom date I visited this local field earlier this week. I hope to visit an actual Sunflower farm in September to see fields and fields of these gorgeous beauties.


Four. Scaevola (Fan flower). We have a few places we like to grow flowers that are very sunny, including our front of the house where the brick absorb the afternoon sun and push heat back well into the evening. Not every variety thrives here, but this Fan Flower loves it.


Five. Gerber Daisy. We love Gerber daisies but haven’t fared well keeping them from year to year. This year we brought in some that are advertised to winter through our zone’s temperature ranges. I suppose we will know in the spring next year, but right now they seem to be thriving okay. If the first blooms linger long enough I’ll be able to enjoy 10 simultaneously!

Six. Grass-leaf Gayfeather (Leatris pilosa) Before you go thinking I am a flower virtuoso, I am not, but I just found this new app that allows you to scan a photo on your phone or snap one of a plant you don’t recognize and it fills you in on the name. This is a variety in my neighbor’s flower stable.

I intend to pop around and see more of the #SixOnSaturday posts and want to point back tot he fellow who started this opportunity who you can find here: Six On Saturday

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