Danger – Weekly Photo Challenge – 05/03/17

Danger Will Robinson, Danger! Anyone alive in the sixties will remember this phrase from the television show Lost in Space. A robot tries to do its best baby-sitter impression to keep a young boy safe in the wiles of space. This week the folks at TDP ask us to share our photos which mean or relate to danger.

These photos are from a hiking trip to something called McRae’s Peak, which is part of the Grandfather Mountain park in Blowing Rock North Carolina. The ladders allow you to scale some sheer rock faces and reach the gorgeous scenery that follows.



  1. Wow – have been there but never saw the ladders. No matter – I definitely wouldn’t have climbed them! beautiful area of the country though isn’t it?

    1. Anna, the first time I went I thought little about it because it was new, but we went back less than a year later and I thought about it from a fatherly perspective and enjoyed it much less while imagining so much that could go wrong.

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