Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: MACRO

Is there anyone who follows me around here that doesn’t know I love taking pictures yet? Before digital cameras came along I took far less photographs due to the results of the limited technology to that time. I had never had a camera without a fixed lens, meaning I did not have the ability to self-focus. So, many of my photographs were blurry or half-shots and the frustration caused me to avoid taking some shots I easily snatch now.

Another upgrade is the fine lens attached to smart phones these days. The last two times I visited Belize on mission trips I took several more photos because my phone was constantly at the ready. Any time I take my miniature Sheltie out for a walk there is the potential for a good photo opportunity.


As Allan said with his post I am unsure if this is Macro or just a close up, but I liked it and thought it could serve the purpose of a macro shot.


  1. Macro is usually a 1 to 1 representation. The image is the size of the subject. Whereas a close-up, the camera moves in and the subject fills the frame, but is probable bigger than the subject. At least that the way I understand it. It is confusing, and sometimes they seem equal. Dandelions are great subjects: fresh or spent. Happy Photo Challenge.

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