Daffodil Montage – Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge

Why do I love mobile photography challenges? I have three of reasons. 1) I love nature. I know it is directly connected to my love of God. Creation is a constantly changing canvas that continually renews with ever more thrilling art for our eyes to enjoy. 2) Before, but especially since I had my own greenhouse business I have been thrilled with any kind of blooming plant or flower. 3) My cell phone has a wonderful camera lens that takes some very good photos. By the way in case you are wondering, it is a DROID MAXX.

Winter is my least favorite season of the year. Usually it promises nothing but darkness, cold, wet and snowy conditions for days upon end. Do you know the difference between usually and always, besides the uncommon letters? usually means not every year will this be true. Hello Winter of 2017, I think you closely resemble something we know as spring. Yes, I am pretty sure on balance the sheer number of spring-like temperature days qualify you as a non-winter.

The daffodils were thoroughly confused. I didn’t complain however, since I associate their bloom with the beginning of real spring.

Thankfully the tulips planted in our new bulb garden are still riding their expected schedule, so I may be able to share them the next time this freestyle challenge returns.







This is for Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge.


  1. Thanks for the burst of spring, especially enjoyed the various faces of the daffodils. My daffodils bloomed weeks early as did many of the first signs of the season. Happy Photo Challenge.

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