Spring is Coming – Part 1

Now I am sure spring is coming very soon. It is not just because the calendar says we are officially into the season. For sure the thought that spring should be starting is a big help, but the matter that gives me hope is that we put the first plants in our greenhouse yesterday. Once upon a time, when I operated a full scale greenhouse business this date would be much earlier, but since we are only growing our own plants it has to be a bit later in the winter.


In case you cannot see the plants they are zonal geraniums. We bought them at a local greenhouse where we always get our plants. Yes, they are young, but by putting them in our window boxes now we can grow them faster and bigger with a specific feeding regimen. Also the 12 x 16 greenhouse we use heats up quick meaning the osil temperature will rise and help with the growing process.

Even though these plants look small they have some nice roots on them. I fished my phone out of my pocket to snap a photo to share with you. Here you can see the roots reaching toward the bottom of the four inch square pot we bought them in.


We also picked up another couple of plants, a pink Mandevilla.


And a Non-Stop Begonia.


We also have two small pots with the left over tulips from our new bulb garden. I had them hanging on the coat rack leading to our basement an noticed they had begun to sprout in mid-January, so I did not want them to go to waste.


I Intend to share photos of the plants as they grow over the next few weeks and invite you back to check the progress. I also plan to get tomato seeds in the dirt in the next two or three days so they will be ready when the last threat of frost is past. Unfortunately that may be a bit dodgy this year as we had thunder on February 28th. According to legend if you have thunder on a day in February you will see frost on that day in May. Usually we try to plant tomatoes by mid-May. I suppose we will make that determination when we see how the weather arrives.

In Spring is Coming Part 2, I will show you our new 32 foot raised bed intended to grow green beans out of the reach of our vegetable loving rodent neighbors!






  1. I so miss my commercial greenhouses, and am finding my new little 10 x 12 trickier to use. Also, I still tend to seed WAY too many plants, and then can’t bear to toss them. It’s like still cooking for a large family after all the kids have gone away….hard to learn to cook for only 2 again! I love my raised beds, bet you will, too. Blessings.

    1. With some very similar. One of our favorite Parts about having large Greenhouse was plenty to choose from. But yes I hated throwing things away too. We recently went to a greenhouse at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville North Carolina and it inspired us to rework ours so we can move our orchids and amaryllis outside during the warm weather months.

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