Resilient Hostas

This is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge for 12-30-16 asking to show something Resilient.

During this year we had the opportunity to host a couple of big deal occasions at our home. My daughter and her friends were treated to a home cooked meal for their Prom dinner and less than once month later we had a graduation party for four high school seniors. As part of the preparation we re-did several flower beds. One of the flowers we dug up to divide and re-plant was some hostas.

Not long after this we had a late season hard frost. If you have ever had hostas you know while the frost or freeze won’t kill the plant it will significantly stunt it which was not good for our party plans less than two weeks after. So we dug out a bunch of sheets and covered up the tender new growth.



By doing this we had the flowers we desired when party time arrived.


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