Vision – Daily Post -5-13-16



The Daily Post has provided a one word prompt for today and it is Vision.

When I think of the word vision, like so many words in the English language I can quickly think of two meanings. The primary of course relates to the ability to see. My eyes are something I am very sensitive about. Just ask my wife any time she tries to put drops in our help me remove some foreign object.


If you do not know that I have a particular obsession I will inform you now. I LOVE pictures. I take lots and lots of pictures, especially with my phone. Why do I use a smart phone for my photography? Basically because it is always handy. Four Decembers ago I took my first international mission trip to Belize. I was the poster child for the tacky tourist with my digital camera swinging from a strap around my neck. When I returned a year later I had a smart phone with and 8 mega-pixel lens and the rest is history.

But, you ask, why did you choose to do this post on your Chasing the Blooms blog? Again there is dual reasons: (1) This flower and gardening themed blog needs some love and (2) the second definition of Vision. The other way I think of vision is as a plan. I have a vision of a bountiful garden this year. I have struggled with critter issues the last two years and last year was almost enough to break me. You see, I work in an information technology job and seeing tangible results for your work is harder than when you garden. A failed garden is a personal affront to me. When I did not do it right then that is on me, but when rodents take it away I get angry.

We usually preserve 150+cans of green beans, another quantity of tomatoes and tomato juice and about every third year make a huge batch of spaghetti sauce. But, if the critters ravage the space none of this is possible. So I have fenced in the lettuce garden, fenced in the beans and am in the process of building a raised bed for our tomatoes. My vision of a bountiful garden will reconcile with my vision of a nice tomato to slice for my sandwich and all will be well in my #greenthumbworld.

What is your definition of Vision?


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