Our 2015 Mandevilla Experience

During the time as a greenhouse business owner, we had the occasion to try out many new varieties. You can rely on the customer’s experience to dictate how you stock for the next season, but you may not see the customer after they buy a product until the next growing season and in many cases you either need significant lead time to order or grow something to the point of being ready to sell.

One of the great surprises we experienced when taking a simple photo from a greenhouse plant catalog was the Mandevilla. This tropical plant has the most gorgeous blooms. We have had them every years since first trying then in the greenhouse around 2003. This year we bought two, one pink and one red. The pink did not do well, I think due to the location we chose. The red however, well, pictures tell a better story.

255 256 257 258

We live in the Appalachian Mountain chain, near the portion that runs along the Virginia/North Carolina border, so our temperature has already began to drop into the low 30’s and High 20’s. Since this plant will not survive the freezing temperatures, we brought it inside and gave it a trim.


The expectation is that we can water the remainder and keep it through the winter and then stick it in our greenhouse about March and watch it return to glory.


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