2015 A to Z My Favorite Plants – I – Ipomea

Everyone knows there are plenty of heroes. Batman, The Lone Ranger, Don Quixote to mention a few. But each of these heroes have a sidekick that makes them look good. I mean we all know about Robin, Tonto and Sancho Panza. They are the ones who help make the hero a hero.


Ipomea is just like that in the plant world. While it has the color and texture to be a star it is usually paired with plants that have much more star power. I used Ipomea in a variety of combination plantings during my time as a greenhouse owner.


Ipomea is a sweet potato plant actually. But the type used in the greenhouse setting is more of an ornamental type, not the one that will deliver you sweet potatoes for edible consumption. You will see these plants in a lot of ground cover opportunities as the Ipomea is prolific and spreads very well.



  1. See, this is what I love about the #Challenge…finding a great blog like this. Wonderful photo support, brief, but informative and interesting. Though my designation for the challenge is (WR) because I am a writer/author, but I AM A GARDENER. Will look forward to meeting you on the garden path. Come see me if you have time in April. I’ll hear the gate click open.

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