2015 A to Z My Favorite Plants – G – Geraniums –

My Favorite Plant that starts with a G is a garden stalwart preferred by gardeners for generations. It is a type of plant that is not particularly showy in the beginning, but as it grows and develops the blooms are quite spectacular. When i owned my greenhouse we had several varieties of Geraniums. In fact when you get into the business you realize there are as many varieties as you can imagine.

Most plants have a base variety or color. But to broaden the potential for sales the breeders of the plants will experiment with the plants to try to create either a stronger or different color variant of the family. The most demanded color was a bright red. We chose these for a few years in our own window boxes.


We tried white, salmon, pink and many other color combinations with varyin g degrees of success. Invariably red was the star of the Geranium family. However we did stumble across a different variant that quickly became out favorite and that of our customers. It was called a Confetti Geranium and every time it bloomed you got a different display.

ger2 ger3


  1. Love geraniums and always plant them in the window boxes and front step planters. I have never seen the confetti geranium before. They are beautiful. No wonder they are a favorite!

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