2015 A to Z My Favorite Plants – F – Four O’Clock

If you have never heard of the family of plants I will share on day number 6 of the 2015 A to Z challenge, you may think I am pulling your leg. While I enjoy doing that I am not in this particular instance. If you seek some of that you might want to head over to my fiction site, the Fiction Playground, for some fun. But truly there is a group of plants that bloom at a particular time each day.

The first of this group I heard of was the Nine O’Clock plant. it blooms at nine p.m. every day. My aunt had one of these and I found it a fascinating idea. But let’s be honest, except at the height of summer when the day stretches out and the light lasts past nine at night you really won’t get much of a chance to enjoy this plant.

four four2

These plants reward you with such a colorful display that is never the same. Due to the cross breeding within the plant you get a different bloom collection each time they bloom. I have been warned the plants can become invasive, but that has not been my experience. The plants produce seeds as they mature and the seeds can be collected and planted elsewhere for more plants the next season.

Although I do not have photos of them, some friends from my church have a variety that more resembles a shrub in size and this particular one does take up a large amount of space. They have placed this plant in a targeted area so that it is not an issue and i enjoy visiting and taking in the colorful display. I hope you enjoy my choice for Day 6.


  1. Whoa, all of the pretty colors! I’m loving the Easter lily’s too! I can’t wait for the flowers to actually start blooming here.

  2. I love Four O’Clocks! My grandma had tons of them planted and we used to sit out on the porch in the evening and wait for the lovely blooms and the scent was amazing. Great blog!

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