Daffodils – Floral Friday Fotos -3-27-15

Tulips and daffodils are two flowers I so look forward to seeing announce their presence each spring. After waiting impatiently through the cold, dreary days of winter and this go round watching foot after foot of snow stack on the ground, the emergence of these floral favorites takes on an even more significant plain.

Daffodils have such a magnificent bloom set. I also included a photo of a mass planting of daffodils on the way to the high school may children attend.

IMG_20150323_152042076[1] IMG_20150323_154409643[1] IMG_20150323_154414158[1] IMG_20150323_154420423[1] IMG_20150323_154425918[1] IMG_20150325_075641439[1] IMG_20150325_075801235[1] WP_20140402_003



This is part of the weekly Floral Friday Fotos.
















  1. One of my favorite flowers-you know spring is finally here when they start popping up!
    -found you through the A-Z Challenge sign up 🙂

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