Orchids as tonic

I AM SO EXCITED! I FINALLY HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE!!!! Okay, now that I have that out of my system I will inform those who visit my blog what exactly i have discovered. Through the WordPress Reader I stumbled across another weekly invitational challenge to post photos of my floral finds. it is called the Floral Friday Fotos.  I LOVE taking photos of blooms. hence the name of this blog.

From the looks of the other links there is a heavy influence from the Land Down Under in those participating, so perhaps i can make some friends where the koalas and kangaroos rule.

I have some photos of the various orchids in our home to share. Obviously these are inside plants where I live, which is in the mountains of Virginia. They help me make it through the cold and dreary doldrums without blooms from November through March.

orch1 orch3 orchid2



  1. Hi… dropping by from Down Under via A-Z link, so thought I’d say hi. And yes, I actually DO live in a part of Australia where we have koalas and wallabies and echidnas roaming free. But not many blooms here. Too ferocious a coastline.
    It’s my first A-Z so I’m looking forward to dropping in on lots of other bloggers. Thanks for the gorgeous pics.

  2. Welcome to Floral Friday Fotos, Joe! You are certainly amongst friends who share your enthusiasm when taking photos of flowers. Lovely shots you’ve posted today!
    Thanks for participating in Floral Friday Fotos, hope to see your new contributions this week.

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